"Kathleen Hosner is one of those free spirited thinkers with a solid foundation of knowledge and the wit to give us a truly new look at ourselves. I am honored to have my patients work with her."

Judith A. Ingalls, MD
Family Physician

"As a busy real estate broker I was totally unaware of the toll, stress and an unhealthy diet has done to my body and overall well-being. Dr. Hosner has given me a huge wake up call."

Kris Veatch

"Dr. Hosner combines common sense, intuition, science and a higher wisdom to facilitate my finding joy in all of my life-even food. I am grateful for her guidance and her experiences."

Joan Zecherle

"As obesity becomes our #1 health concerns everyone needs to hear Dr. Hosner's message. When it comes to nutritional issues she knows the magical message our bodies deliver, if only we'd listen."

P. Dureya, PhD
Scottsdale Healthcare

"Dr. Kathleen Hosner is a most gifted light bearer. She immediately sheds light on a person who has sought out her gifts. Her insights are straight forward and go to the heart of the matter. Kathleen is a beautiful person and a gift to all who are open to have more in their life."

Bob Doenges
Tulsa, OK

"I used to sabotage myself because of a belief that I wasn't worth good things. With Dr. Hosner's health reading and coaching I now have a more fulfilling and conscious life."

Pam Bonacci, Sales Designer

"Kathleen has given me a new perspective of how my relationship with food has affected my moods and my ability to stay on task at work. My thinking is clearer than ever and I finish my work at the end of the day with energy to take home."

Robert Cote
General Dynamics

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