Available Services


Energy and Guidance Reading
Energy communication is ongoing within us and with each other as we are energy and consciousness. The heart and mind are constantly sending out energy patterns that create our life.

Dr. Hosner has the ability to unravel and interpret these energy patterns. She points out what areas of your energy field are constricted or if your life force is leaking. She sees what beliefs and thought forms you have set up for you and your world. When these energy patterns are not balanced they manifest as difficult times and illness. Through an energy and guidance reading you will receive information from your unconscious and become aware of the patterns you are running. Dr.Hosner's guidance allows you to move past the obstructions she sees in your energy field.

Kathleen is not a psychic or medical intuitive - instead she leads you to the discovery of the hidden nature playing out in your life. She is committed to helping you break through destructive and frustrating patterns and guides you to the other side of them.

Nutritional Counseling
Feel younger, healthier and happier today! A nutritional counseling session with Dr. Hosner will provide you with specific information that is tailored to your individualized wellness needs.

She will help you to understand which foods, supplements, and health practices can give you the optimal health and longevity you desire.

Life Coaching
Discover if your choices resonate with what you really desire.

Expand your conscious understanding and develop your awareness of limiting beliefs when what you are experiencing in life isn't working or is creating struggle.

Dr. Hosner helps you focus on setting intentions and creating structures that are necessary to fulfill that intention and offers the on-going support to facilitate change.

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