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Full Heart/Satisfied Belly receives "Editors Choice" Award

Full Heart Satisfied Belly (cover), the second largest on-line retailer of books has awarded "Full Heart/Satisfied Belly" the editors choice calling it an excellent book that gets the reader involved. "The reader is requested to look at his or her own bodies and emotions in connection with the food they eat. The authors' also have created a very compassionate atmosphere where denial might not be allowed but judgmental decrees are not allowed either."

Full Heart/Satisfied Belly is an easy way to read and understand book that explains a "revolutionary" way of achieving and maintaining a person's proper weight. It integrates spirituality with eating, which makes it so much more than your typical weight-loss book seeking merely cosmetic results. The ideas are insightful, and provocative, and the book challenged me to take a deeper look at all areas of my life, creating a complete transformation affecting not only my specific physical eating habits, but the mental and spiritual aspects of my life as well. Full Heart/Satisfied Belly helped me find the root causes of my weight gain, not just the symptoms, so my weight loss can be permanent and my eating behaviors integrated into every other aspect of my life.

Kathy Evans CPA

We want to say thank you very much for contributing to the overall health and vitality of our family, through what you've taught Jodi and I in our many visits to your office. Your knowledge of health and nutrition has been invaluable to us. Because of you, our entire families health has been effected for the better. You have given my husband Michael more information to better understand his health, than he received in the 15 years of professional basketball, being exposed to the top health care professionals. You teach healing, not just covering up symptoms. My wife and I will continue to benefit from your wisdom and knowledge for years to come.

Michael & Jodi Cage

The importance of us getting in touch with our emotional eating patterns is the first step to opening our awareness to why we eat, what we eat and when we eat. In the book Full Heart/Satisfied Belly, Kathleen Hosner passionately shares with us the truths of how to get connected with and to love our physical bodies. She includes practical approaches relative to mindful, healthy food choices that lead to a full, abundant, joyful and satisfied lifestyle.

Having worked with Kathleen on a professional basis, she has assisted me on my path of integrating my physical, emotional and spiritual self. Kathleen shares from her heart, life experiences, and extensive educational background.

When you attend one of her seminars you will receive practical and useful tools to get in touch with patterns of eating that began in childhood. You will increase your awareness of "comfort" eating-you will also be able to take responsibility for creating a path of mindful choices that relate to all other areas of your life which empowers you to live life to its fullest.

Susan D. Jacques, OTR/L, LMT
Living in Balance, LLC

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